Wednesday, May 26, 2004

اينو خيلي دوست دارم
زماني كه دست زندگي سنگين و شب بي‏ ترانه است, هنگام عشق و اعتماد است.
و دست زندگي چه سبك مي‏شود، و شب چه پرترانه, آن گاه كه به همه عشق مي‏ورزيم و اعتماد داريم. آن گاه، همه چيز سبك‏ تر مي‏شود و ترانه ‏ها از ميان تاريكي برمي‏خيزند.

جبران خليل جبران

Could I Have This Kiss Forever 

(Dame un beso para siempre) 

Over and over I look in your eyes 

You are all I desire 

You have captured me 

I want to hold you 

I want to be close to you 

I never want to let go 

I wish that this night would never end 

I need to know 


Could I hold you for a lifetime 

Could I look into your eyes 

Could I have this night to share this night together 

para siempre (2nd chorus) 

Could I hold you close beside me 

Could I hold you for all time 

Could I, could I have this kiss forever 

Could I, could I have this kiss forever, forever 

and ever

Over and over I've dreamed of this night 

Now you're here by my side 

You are next to me 

I want to hold you and touch you and taste you 

And make you want no one but me 

I wish that this kiss could never end no no 

Oh baby please 

I don't want any night to go by 

Without you by my side 

I just want all my days 

Spent being next to you 

Lived for just loving you 

And baby oh by the way 

para siempre

Words and music by Diane Warren


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